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“When you are operating in the Spirit, you’ll never critisise your church”

Caleb Nicholes

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Halloween: Should CHRISTIAN kids go Trick or Treating?

Halloween to kids means chocolates, dress ups, hanging with friends and fun-fun-fun! However, is it right for Christian families to be involved in Halloween celebration? In this video I talk about the actual origins of “All Hallows Eve,” the supernatural curiosity...

Gospel of Jesus = Evangelism Gone Wrong

The gospel of Jesus is the core of the Christian story, but it is not the whole story. When evangelising our world, we must not stop at the gospel of Jesus. We must ensure every person hears The Gospel of the Kingdom and knows the full story before they lay down their...

Lord’s Prayer set for Axe!

Lose respect for God and ultimately we lose our future because we were ignorant of our past!   The Lord’s Prayer is likely the most recognisable Christian utterance. First prayed by Jesus in Matthew 6:9-13, it is the formula for talking to God and knowing His Will....

The Righteous Exalt Their Nation

We all love Proverbs 14:34 - "Righteousness exalts a nation" and prayerfully decree the proverb leading into political elections but how does it really work? Who are “The Righteous,” and how do they go about building their nation. What should the righteous do? What...