Lord’s Prayer set for Axe!

Lord’s Prayer set for Axe!

Lose respect for God and ultimately we lose our future because we were ignorant of our past!
The Lord’s Prayer is likely the most recognisable Christian utterance. First prayed by Jesus in Matthew 6:9-13, it is the formula for talking to God and knowing His Will. Our forefathers possessed this revelation. Knowing man’s will, as mostly corrupt, they established the Lord’s Prayer as the first act, before the state parliament sat to govern. The premise, that ministers would look first to God and His Will, which is for good, not evil and human prosperity, not oppression.
I understand the push to remove it. Australia’s cultural worldview is increasingly Naturalistic. Naturalism assumes Evolution as science and therefore the need for a Creator, His Will, and prayer honouring his existence are rendered religious tradition; negotiable.
The Lord’s Prayer at the beginning of parliament ensures two things.
1) we honour our Judaeo-Christian roots, our heritage, our story.
2) We fear the Lord. We put Him not the state or the people first. My main concern is the second. If we lose our reverence for God, we lose our wisdom. If we allow the removal of a transcendent, perfect God who created all for good and provides the solution to evil in His son Jesus then we remove all hope. We are left with the state as God and Father, we lose the moral law and the Christian values that have been critical to the success of our nation. Ultimately we lose our future because we were ignorant of our past.
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